The Commission Process

  1. Fill in the contact form or send an email to to discuss your ideas and wishes. 
  2. After the ideas have been finalized it’s time to send in reference photos. High-resolution photos are preferred. Please enlarge and check if you can see hair, eye and nose details. The better the photo quality, the better the quality of the art. Have a look at the “Photo Guide” for more information.
  3. Once the ideas have been finalized a 40% non-refundable deposit fee is requested before the paintingprocess starts. I will keep you updated about the process and you’re always welcome to add any comments along the way.
  4. The portrait is at the final stage and almost ready to be sent home. I work with a 100% loving-it guarantee. If you don’t like the final results of the portrait, you are not obligated to take it in the end. Once you are happy with the final result the total amount will be due before shipment.




Shipment Details

Artwork will be exclusively packed with special care and delivered with a signed certificate of authenticity. Shipment fees are excluded and will depend on size and country. Please enquire for full specifics.

To minimize risks of damage, every piece will be shipped unframed. I would kindly advice to frame the works as soon as possible behind glass and with an acid free mount. Please refer to the “Pastel Guide” for more information and tips according pastel artworks.

Original Wildlife Pieces will be sold fully mounted and framed, including the artists name and year of completion on a messing label. 

Pricing Details       

The following prices are based on the hours of work that’s hidden inside every authentic hand-made piece of art plus the material costs. I love to capture every fine detail of a piece which requires time and attention.

To give a completion time estimate a Petit format will take around 8 hours to be completed, a Moyenne format around 15 hours, a Grand format over 30 hours and an XGrand can take over 100 hours. Note that these are estimates as the duration of completion depends on the complexity and details of the work.

If you’re interested in a portrait of more than two, please enquire about the possibilities regarding sizes. I would kindly advise to go for a (X)Grand format for multiple subjects. This will give them enough space to shine. 

The prices include a color gradient background or no background. If you would like to add a detailed background to the portrait, a full-body portrait or add any additional pets, please add 30% of the total price per addition. 

Note that the artists keeps ownership of all copyrights. If you’re interested in a portrait that is kept exclusive, please request a quotation.

For any specific wishes regarding the portrait and measurements, please feel free to get in touch.

The Commission Process