Photo Guide

The most important step in creating a portrait is the reference photo. The follow information can give you a hand in creating that perfect shot. 


To paint realistic, it’s very important to have all the details of the subject captured in a photo. From the shine in their eyes, the direction of the fur, color differences in hair to the texture on their nose. It’s best to come up close and fill the frame completely with the subject. Too much area around the subject is not useful and will decrease the amount of details visible.

Blur Kit
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It’s best to take a photo in natural daylight or in a daylight supported studio. This results in the most natural reflection of colors. Make sure the subject does not stand in direct sunlight as this might result in overexposure and dark shadows. 

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Composition and Angle 

The eyes are the most mesmerizing features so make sure you have them nice in frame. This is where you can find a lot of character. Additionally, standing over a small subject might create unnatural perspective distortion. Try to take a photo at the same level of the subject.

sarah bad

Don’t Worry!

It can be quite challenging to take a good reference photo, especially when you are interested in a portret of two or more. It is possible to combine multiple photo’s into one portrait. You can always send the photo’s that you have to me and I will get in touch with you about the possibilities.