Pet Portraits

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Are you looking for a treasured keepsake of a beloved companion? An authentic hand-made piece of art also perfect as a sentimental gift? I am absolutely ecstatic to tell you that I’m now accepting commissions! 

You can enquire about a pastel pet portrait, wildlife painting or any other idea you would love to get captured on paper. 

I paint with pastels which is an art medium in the form of sticks, pans and pencils. It consists of pure powdered pigments and a binder. Pastels were first manufactured in the 15th century and mentioned by Leonardo da Vinci in his work. There are still pastel paintings from that time that are in great condition! However artwork in pastels is delicate and has to be handled with special care and framed behind glass.

The portraits are created using professional art materials including top brands like Faber-Castell, Stabilo Carbothello, Schmincke and Rembrandt. They have the highest lightfastness and are applied to an acid free surface of 360gsm Pastelmat sheets. This will keep your artwork beautiful for a lifetime!

Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or specific wishes.